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    Since 1958, Corningware, is known as the universally versatile casserole that can be taken from the freezer to the fire to the table. Made of PYROCERAM, a glass ceramic material that is a similar material used in nose cones of space shuttles, that allows high thermal resistance as the space shuttle enters earth’s atmosphere, makes Corningware extremely resistant to temperature changes.

    Corningware glass is non-reactive and non-porous so it does not absorb stain or odor, so there is no way for contaminants and toxins from previous dishes to leach into your food. It is perfect for liquid-based dishes because it does not retain odors and food particles or stains. Its glass material also makes it easy to clean, hygienic and sparklingly fresh.

    Available in most Corelle’s patterns, Corningware complements the dinnerware, allowing the hosts to proudly serve the best for their loved ones.
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    CORNINGWARE’s surface is non-porous or has no pores, so it does not retain previous food particle, bacteria, stains and odours and is easy to wash.

    Its material does not react with acidic food ingredients—you can be sure that no contaminants or toxins are leached into your food. It also passes the U.S. FDA standards for non-toxic release on decorations.

  • Healthy
    CORNINGWARE is made of unique and revolutionary PYROCERAM glass, so it is non-porous and non-reactive, making it a healthy cookware for your family and loved ones.

    Heat and Shock Resistant
    CORNINGWARE is made of PYROCERAM, a material that is highly durable and resistant to extreme temperature and shock.


    CORNINGWARE does it all. It is functionally and stylishly well-suited for all your preparation, cooking, serving and storage needs. You can take it straight from the freezer—to the fire—to the table, and then to dishwasher or sink – no matter how hot or cold your dish is.

    Fashionably Functional
    CORNINGWARE Cookware pieces come in attractive and stylish designs that work well on the stove and on the dining table. Some designs complement CORELLE dinnerware range so you mix and match your cookware and dinnerware according to your taste.

    With CORNINGWARE’s unique revolutionary material, save time and energy in cooking, washing and transferring your dishes by using just one dish.

  • Use
    CORNINGWARE cookware is extremely versatile. It can be taken straight from the freezer to the oven, microwave, gas or electric stovetop and then to dishwasher or sink – no matter how hot or cold the dish is.

    CORNINGWARE cookware is easy to clean and does not stain or retain odours as with metal and plastic cookware.

    Stovetop use

    • CORNINGWARE cookware retains heat so well, you can use a lower heat setting than normal and save on energy. This also helps prevent sticking or burning of food.
    • For best results, prepare food which are stirred or have liquid as a cooking medium.
    • CORNINGWARE cookware can be used on gas, electric and ceramic stovetops.

    Oven and griller use

    • CORNINGWARE cookware is ideal for all oven types – conventional, convection and toaster ovens.
    • PYREX glass cover must not be placed under the griller or in a toaster oven.

    Microwave use

    • CORNINGWARE cookware is perfect for the microwave.
    • Use pot holders as dish may become hot during cooking.

    • Refrigerator and freezer use

    • CORNINGWARE cookware can go from the refrigerator or freezer directly to the stovetop, oven or microwave.



    • Use only wooden, nylon or plastic utensils. Metal utensils can scratch or leave grey marks on the CORNINGWARE cookware surface.
    • Use only plastic or nylon cleaning pads and non-abrasive cleansers such as CORNINGWARE Cleaner & Conditioner.
    • To loosen cooked-on food, soak cookware in warm soapy water. Cool the PYREX cover before soaking.
  • All glass (e.g. PYREX) and glass-ceramic materials (e.g. CORNINGWARE) are breakable, so please take care in use.

    • Do not use CORNINGWARE cookware for deep fat frying.
    • Do not use for popping corn, caramelising sugar or making candy.
    • Use pot holders when handling hot CORNINGWARE cookware in the microwave oven.
    • Do not heat empty CORNINGWARE cookware in the microwave oven.
    • DO NOT use or repair chipped, cracked, or broken CORNINGWARE or PYREX items.
    • Place hot CORNINGWARE cookware on a placemat as retained heat could damage bench surfaces.
    • Do not use the PYREX cover under a griller or in a toaster oven.
    • Do not place a hot PYREX cover on a cold or wet surface, or handle with a wet cloth.
  • Raffles and Company, Inc. shall replace any CORNINGWARE cookware base that breaks from hot or cold temperatures within ten years from date of purchase and 50 percent replacement at current market price within two years for any CORNINGWARE cookware base that breaks due to carelessness or mishandling.

    In case of breakage, please keep the product. You may be asked to return it.

    To avail of the warranty, please register your product. It is also advised to follow the Use and Care Tips upon purchase of your product.

    To request a replacement for your product under the warranty terms, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (02) 687-4715 to 16.