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Enjoy Healthy Soup-rises from Corningware this rainy July!

Call (02) 687-5467 or find a Raffles distributor near you.


July Corningware

Promo Period: July 1-31, 2014

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 5011 Series of 2014





Say "I DO" to this 24-pc Corelle Brushstroke Roses Set!

Dine in style and romantic fashion.

Serve healthy dinners all month through.

Plus, get a FREE Pyrex No-Leak Lids Value Pack!

All these this June only! Hurry and call your Raffles distributor now!

June Promo p14


Set the perfect, healthy and classy country-style dining at home this holiday season in the essence of Europe’s romantic countryside in spring with the fresh design of CORELLE Provence Garden dinnerware set.

Provence Garden captures the heart of countryside Europe’s wild pasture teeming with lush flora in a sunny disposition. Its delicate florets in a graceful dance with a gentle summer breeze takes you right into a page in a classical fairy tale—just the perfect country-style setting for a delightful, romantic family gatherings this holiday season.

CORELLE Provence Garden’s design is inspired by the scenic beauty and rich cuisine of Provence in Eastern France. With its refreshingly serene imagery of flora and fauna blossoms in spring fields, it gives every meal a charming allure and brightens up every family occasion.





Say "I DO" to this 21-pc Corelle Winter Frost White Set that comes with a FREE Pyrex No-Leak Lids Value Pack!

Call your Raffles distributor now or call us at (+632) 687-5467!

Hurry while stocks last!

June Promo p13





Whip up a healthy, festive and bubbly dining experience out of your ordinary meals with Hula Hoop, the latest and most exciting addition to the classy CORELLE Dinnerware Deluxe Series.

The bright and sprightly Hula Hoop was launched literally in flying colors this September by Raffles and Company, Inc., becoming yet another exceptional collection of the trusted and world-leading dinnerware brand, Corelle.